What countries do you export fresh produce to?

We export fresh produce to various countries across the globe, including but not limited to South Africa, Nigeria, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.


What types of fresh produce do you export?

We export a wide range of fresh produce, such as fruit, vegetables and flowers. Have a look at the 'Produce' and 'Flowers' pages for further insight. We aim to cater to the demands of our international clients by providing a diverse selection of high-quality produce.


What quality standards do you follow for your fresh produce exports?

We strictly adhere to international quality standards and prioritize the freshness, taste, and appearance of our exported produce. Our products undergo strict inspection processes to ensure they meet the highest industry quality benchmarks.


What is your export process and delivery timelines?

Our export process involves appropriate packaging, export documentation, and compliance with relevant regulations. The delivery timelines vary based on the destination and shipping options chosen. We strive to ensure timely delivery to our international customers.